About Me

Nitin Mukesh

MSc Applied Statistics and Informatics(ASI), IIT Mumbai, 2019-21

BSc Computer Science(hons) BHU, 2016-19 (Gold Medalists)

We all bring changes to this world. I believe anyone can do anything. I myself have been through success and failure and different stages of life and learned a lot during the process.

Success is not defined. Success is a journey not a destination. When you finally reached at where you wanted to be, you are not happy anymore. We again set a goal and start working.

There isn't a definite path to this journey of success, we have keep going always. We need to keep going as long as we are happy with it.

I am Gold Medalist from BHU. I have cracked IIT JAM mathematical statistics, CMI MSc Data science entrance exam, ISI MS QMS exam, BHU MSc Computer Science exams. I have keen interest in Machine learning, Data science, Web Development and programming.

In this blog, I write about the amazing study tips, exam preparation tips, and some preparation tips about CMI, IIT JAM and ISI.

We as a student have to go through different moment of happiness and sorrow. Yes, you will find a lot of articles that will give you power to rise again beyond your potential and do those things that make you happy. Here, I Write about how you can be yourself, and follow what you do. Be original, be yourself.