Season of exams is coming and many of you must be preparing for some entrance exams. In this post, I will share some general tips that can be used to prepare for any entrance exam.

These are the advice that I was not aware of when I was a high school student. But, don’t let yourself make these mistakes.

These time management and strategy making tips will help you to crack any entrance exams you are preparing for.

Before sharing tips to crack competitive examinations, you must know cracking exams are all about good strategy and planning.

Prepare For Entrance Exams:

1. Get the Syllabus:

Focusing on the syllabus can save a lot of time. Don’t let yourself deviate from the main syllabus. 

Just get a hard copy or soft copy of syllabus. Always see what are the topics you have covered and what is left.

“Remember, you will be asked questions from the syllabus, don’t waste time on unnecessary things.”

2. Keep a record of from where a topic was covered:  

Keeping a record of the resources from where you have studied any topic. It is going to help you a lot during revision. Let’s look at it through an example. 

“When I was preparing for IIT JAM, I had to go through different books to study different sections.

Like for probability, I preferred Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Gupta and Kapoor.

For sequences and series I used a Real Analysis book by Malik and Arora

For the matrix part I used some YouTube videos.”

So, I noted it on my diary and during revision it was easy for me to again revisit those resources. 

3. Maintain a formula cheat-sheet:

Always make your own formula and concept cheat-sheet that you can refer to while revising a topic. Make sure that you revise and update your formula sheet regularly.

When there are few days left for exams, revisit the formula diary regularly.

4. Evaluate Yourself:

Evaluating yourself is a crucial part while preparing for any entrance exam. You can evaluate yourself against some previous year questions. 

Try to solve these questions on your own and later revisit the notes and formula in case of any difficulty.

Always try to think about how you can approach these problems using the topics that you 

Later, it will help you identify what else you need to study to solve it.

5. Use the Pomodoro technique: 

It is the most popular technique to improve your productivity over time.

Using this technique, I was able to crack a lot of exams and even score high marks during semester exams. Read about it here Pomodoro technique.

The basic idea of Pomodoro Technique is to study for 25 minutes then take a short break for 4-5 minutes and repeat.

6. Study with Focus: 

Most of the students claim that they are not able to focus in the exam hall.

You can do something instantly if you practice it daily. Same way, you need to practice to focus daily and that’s how your focus will automatically come when you will be in exam hall.

You can’t focus on the day of the exam, if you let yourself be distracted every day before the exam. 

7. Don’t overdo on a single day:

Most of the students try to accomplish too many topics over a single day. They ended up being in frustration due to the excess syllabus.

You need to study daily. Don’t try to cover too much syllabus on a single day. Divide your work and distribute it over several days. 

Study carefully.

8. Be calm, not talkative: 

The tip I am sharing at this point is somewhat personal and I often do this.

If you have some goals, like you want to score more than 80% marks or you want to complete a particular portion of the syllabus in the next ten days, please don’t share your goals with others.

“Receiving premature praise for a goal makes follow-through less likely”

If you do so, there are chances that you might end up being unable to do these things. If anyone asks about your goals, give them a high-level idea, but don’t discuss every single detail. 

However, you can discuss these with your mentor.

9. Get a mentor

A mentor helps you to explore where you are in your career, where you want to go, and how you might get there.

He will also support you in taking action to move toward your goal.

It is very helpful if you are being mentored by someone. You can select anyone as your mentor.

In my case, my elder brother is my mentor. He is an MBA and I’m from a technical background. 

But, he can always help me with my problems whether it is a problem on entrance exam, placement, or any personal problem.

So, choose your mentor as soon as possible. If that particular mentor belongs to your subject then it is super beneficial for you.

10. Plan your day:

Always plan your day. Plan about what are the topics and exercises you're going to cover before the end of day.

You should only have a high-level plan. Details don’t matter much.

Remember, making each day better can make your week better and thus a month and finally the entire preparation period.


Clearing any entrance exam is not only hard work. If you put these strategies along with your hard work, I’m sure that you can crack any entrance exams.

Let me know if you have used any of these tips. If you also have some, share in the comment below as we will be happy to share it with others.

All the best for your preparations.




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