Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings have an amazing ability to inspire a person at difficult moments. 

When I was in my graduation, sometimes I felt demotivated. I used to read these quotes from my diary that I have collected over time.

You can read these too and even can translate these in Hindi or whatever language you wish.

I have compiled some best motivational quotes for students that will make you feel worthy to achieve more in life. You may write these quotes in your diary and read it whenever you feel low.

Some best motivational quotes for the student to study hard:

  # 1

“If you want to get something in life, then learn to wait.”

  # 2

“If you believe that you can do this, then nothing can stop you in the world.”

  # 3

“Making a mistake only makes us human; if you are afraid of making mistakes, then you will not be able to do anything new.”

  # 4

“The crowd always walks on the path, which is easy, if your paths are different and most difficult, then remember that you are different from the crowd.”

  # 5

“It is not impossible to do anything; if you can think of it, then it is inevitable that you can do it also. Thinking is the first step to do anything. “

  # 6

“Take the task to reach the end of any work; half the unfinished work is equal to not doing any work.”

  # 7

“Learn to accept both successful or unsuccessful; both happiness and sorrow are necessary for life.”

  # 8

“Do not make fun of anyone’s success; you do not know how many difficulties in front of you have reached him, value everyone.”

  # 9

“Keep doing your work regardless of what others say; everything will change when you succeed.”

  # 10

“Learn to be calm, because the more you speak, the more you will accept.”

  # 11

“Learn to finish today’s work today, because tomorrow never comes.”

  # 12

“If you are afraid to start any work, then remember that the person who reached the highest height was ever at the same place.”

  # 13

“Somebody has said, to move forward you just have to look forward, if you sit with the things behind, you will be left behind.”

  # 14

“It is better not to do anything, to do something slowly, rightly, one day you will reach your goal.”

  # 15

“When nothing seems good in life, keep doing something, the path will be found automatically.”

  # 16

“Your only goal should be to move forward, leave what happened behind.”

  # 17

“Don’t get distracted by your goal; you won’t be able to do any one job well by doing many things at once.”

  # 18

“Do not believe in anyone, except you, it does not matter to you whether you win or lose.”

  # 19

“Better than a thousand empty words is a word that causes peace.” - Lord Buddha

  # 20

“Three items cannot be hidden for long, sun, moon, and honesty.” - Lord Buddha

  # 21

“Do not overestimate what you have, nor be envious of others. One who is envious of others does not get peace of mind.” -Lord Buddha

  # 22

“Every human being can teach you something; without jealousy and hatred, have the most learning spirit.”

  # 23

“God helps those who help themselves.”

  # 24

“Every morning there is a new beginning, forget the failure of the previous day and start a new one today.”

  # 25

“When your worst days are going on, remember this much, you are going to learn something good.”

  # 26

“Think about what you can do right now. Not about what you could do.” -Jay Shetty

  # 27

“Success comes from getting; happiness comes from giving.”-Jay Shetty

  # 28

“Help others move forward; no one will ever help you.”

  # 29

“Everything you want to have is present on this earth; you just have to search with it with dedication and loyalty.”

  # 30

“Do not weigh yourself to others; everyone is different in this world; no one else in the world like you.”

  # 31

“If you believe that you will not be capable of doing any work, then perhaps you really will not be able to do it.” He who thinks of defeat is never victorious. “

  # 32

“If you hold that you will not be able to do any work, then perhaps you really will not be able to do it.” He who thinks of defeat is never victorious. “

  # 33

“Many people will advise you, but you have to do what your heart does.”

  # 34

“You should always read a book; essential knowledge is hidden in books.”

  # 35

“be brave. Take a risk. There is no substitute for experience .”

  # 36

“Don’t make excuses; nobody bothers with that. Those moving forward overcome any difficulty. “

  # 37

“Wake up in the morning and imagine your ideal life. Remember, you will get a life the way you have imagined it.”

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