The actually best personal development courses on udemy will help you to be the best version of yourself.

These courses are instructed by world’s best life coaches, educational guru, Lifehacker and best-selling authors.

Udemy has grown to be one of the popular platforms for providing online courses. Here are the most popular udemy courses that you should learn to succeed.

1. Reiki Level I, II, and Master/Teacher Program on udemy:

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique used to cure indirectly. The predominant form of Reiki practiced throughout the world today, also known as Usui reiki, was invented by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is not used to directly cure diseases or illnesses. Instead, it’s used as a way to manage symptoms and improve general well-being through visualization and simulations.

During a reiki session, the practitioner who is performing it places their hands either directly on you or just above to bring about healing within you. 

The belief is that the practitioner can stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.

What you'll learn in this course:

a. Learn how to use Reiki as a healing and personal growth system

b. Understand the history of Reiki and how it has changed over time

c. Perform Reiki sessions to address all areas of life

d. Learn how to visualize the locations of the meridian and chakra energy systems in the body

e. Guided through techniques to help you access your intuition

f. Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself and others

g. Explore multiple methods for performing Reiki from a distance

h. Heal unwanted patterns and learn how to manifest your goals

i. Practice using the Reiki symbols for power, release, transcending time/space, and to connect with your insightful self.

j. Receive advanced techniques such as psychic surgery, meeting your Reiki Guides, and accessing different levels of consciousness

k. You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation

l. Receive Level I, II, and Master distance attunements from your Reiki Master

m. Learn how to administer all attunements to students.

Udemy Reiki course reviews

The instructor, Lisa Powers is the Director of the International Reiki Organization. 

This personal development course on Udemy has a high rating of 4.7, being rated by more than 37 thousand people.

The reviews on this course are also amazing. Let’s see the experience of a learner.

I took Reiki Level 1 with a local Master and took your I, II, and Master course. The material for 1 was the same for both the in-person and your online course.

One thing I can say is that my attunement for this course and the 21-days of cleansing/healing was AMAZING

The night sweats, dreams, and visions that I experienced helped me feel lighter and more in tune with energy and opened me up to a higher vibration level.

Improve yourself and clean your mind and body by this top-rated energy healing course.

2. Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

Is speed reading real? Yes, it is. This online course on speed reading will teach you how to improve your learning, reading, and memory skills, empowering you to learn anything and everything even faster and more effectively.

How to speed reading? If you're a student, a professional, or simply starting a new hobby, you are forced to acquire an ever-increasing amount of information and knowledge.

We've all experienced the frustration of an ever-growing reading list, struggling to learn a new language or skills, or forgetting things you learned in even it is your favorite subject.

What you’ll learn in this course:

1. Learn to read roughly 3 times the speed of an average college graduate, with more retention of what you have learned.

2. Master the same skills that have helped people won World Championships in Memorization - which is a skill that can teach you to memorize thousands of data points in order.

3. Learn how to process and make information a part of you in a highly-effective way, and how to apply these methods to any skill you wish to learn.

Udemy Speed Reading course reviews:

With 4.5 ratings, this is one of the highly-rated courses on Udemy being rated by over 25 thousand learners.

This course is created by some of the bestselling authors, Lifehacker, and education guru.

Let’s see what a learner of this course says about it:

This course is not some top 10 hacks to speed read video you find on the web, it covered everything needed for speed reading in a nicely structured and incremental fashion. 

One suggestion would be to add those tool & game links that are recommended for practice at the end of each section so that at least we open and have a look at what's necessary to improve. 

At last, the course was above expectations, as it by the end of the course, not only improve my speed but also gave me confidence that I can soon achieve the goal with which why started this.

3. Life Coaching Certificate Course on Udemy (Beginner to Advanced)

Where many life coaching resources only focus on goal-setting and emotional management, this life coaching course goes much deeper to explore the psychology underlying problems faced by people.

What you'll learn in this life coaching certificate course:

1. You will learn a practical life coaching process that you can use in your life, career, and relationships, or, with other people that you know right away.

2. Throughout this training, you will learn how to break through other people's limiting and self-defeating beliefs to help them live a more empowered and autonomous life.

3. Discover how to establish healthy relationship boundaries with clients and create an environment that's conducive to enabling them to define and fulfill their goals.

4. Understand how to positively influence how other people think, feel, and behave when pursuing their main goals or primary values-based objectives.

5. On completion of this training, you will understand how to identify the core values that motivate people to do the things they do in life.

Udemy life coaching certificate course reviews:

With 4.5 ratings and over 1 lakh learners, this course is helping a lot of people improving themselves and getting the best in their life.


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