IIT JAM is one of the most popular exams for post-graduation by IIT. Each year a lot of candidates sit for this exam and make it to IITs.

Since studying from IIT is another level of achievement for any of the students in India, students do want to know how to prepare for IIT JAM?

What are some efficient resources that can help them complete the syllabus of IIT JAM? Should they opt for coaching or not? What are some time management tips for preparing for this exam?

I have cleared IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics in just 30 days of preparation. In this blog post, I’ll write about the strategy I used to prepare for IIT JAM.

Q. How much time did I take to prepare?

When I started preparing for the JAM exam, I was having roughly 30 days. 

The story goes this way. I was a BSc Computer science(Hons) student from BHU and I was only hoping to get to any reputed institute of India for my post-graduation.

NIT Trichy used to have an MSc in Computer Science and till then it has its entrance exam.

But on 10 January I got to know that now the NIT Trichy will take its candidate for MSc computer science from IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics paper. 

I was lucky as I have registered for this exam. But the hurdle was that I have not a single idea about what is asked in this exam and how can I prepare for this?

Q. In which year did I appear for this exam and when was the exam?

I appeared for IIT JAM 2019 and the exam was held on 10 Feb 2019. So, I barely had 30 days to prepare for my entrance exams.

I didn’t know any statistics apart from probability when I started preparation.

Although I had Statistical Distribution and Theory of Sampling in my course earlier, I never studied them with interest as I was from Computer Science(Hons).

Q. What was my score and rank?

I scored 32.67 and my rank was 188 in JAM mathematical Statistics. Based on my rank I was eligible to get admission at IIT Kanpur MSc Statistics, IIT Bombay Applied Statistics and Informatics, and NIT Trichy MSc Computer science.

Q. Where am I currently?

I also qualified for the ISI MS QMS(Quality Management Science) entrance exam and CMI MSc data science exam. 

I had to choose either IIT, ISI, CMI, or NIT. I preferred IIT Bombay and now I am studying Applied Statistics and Informatics at IIT Bombay.

Q. Which books did I prefer for preparation?

As I was having very less time to prepare so I relied on books that I had or some books I got from my friends:

1. Introduction to Mathematical statistics by Gupta Kapoor: I used this book for covering probability, random variable, and statistical distribution part. However, you may also study Statistical Inference (though I didn’t study it due to lack of time)

2. Differential Calculus by Gorakh Prasad: I use this book for covering Differential calculus parts like Limits, continuity, and differentiability of functions of one and two variables, Rolle's theorem, mean value theorems, Taylor's theorem, indeterminate forms, maxima and minima of functions of one and two variables

3. Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad: I used this book for covering topics like basic integrals in one, two, and three variables, an area under a curve, surface area, volume, and arc length.

4. Sequence and Series by Shanti Narayan: I used this book for covering sequence and a series portion of the syllabus, a convergence of sequences of real numbers, Comparison, root and ratio tests for convergence of series of real numbers.

5. Previous year JAM papers (last four years only):  I didn’t get much time to solve the past year papers of IIT JAM.

I could only solve the last four year papers and based on the syllabus I covered I could attempt only 65% of the paper each year.

Q. How did I prepare in 30 days?

Here is the timeline of my preparation over 30 days:

1. When I started to prepare I didn’t have the slightest idea about the syllabus and question paper.

2. I remember that I took a print out of the syllabus on the first day and identified the topics which were easy for me to do in a short period.

3. These topics were:

3.1 Integration (Double and triple)

3.2 Area of Curve

3.3 Volume and surface area

3.4 Arc length

3.5 Limit, Differentiation, and functions

3.6 Sequence series

4. These were the portion of maths I had decided to cover. It took me ten days to prepare these topics with only formulas and basic questions on how to apply these formulas.

5. After that, I was able to attempt two or three questions that I solved using a basic formula. Then I moved to topics on statistics portion

6. These are topics I selected:

6.1 Probability

6.2 Random variable and related topics

6.3 Statistical Distribution

7. It took 8 days to complete these topics from Gupta Kapoor, then 12 days were left

8. I decided to solve previous year papers but failed to do most of the questions. About 8 days had been left and I decided to spend time on each question so that I can understand better

9. A few of my friends helped me with that a lot. I just learned how to solve the question using the formula that I had collected from reading those concepts.

10. One day before the exam, at night I was relaxing and just talked to a close friend of mine. I was positive that I will be able to do that.

11. I just tried to be focused during the exam the next day and was able to qualify IIT JAM in month preparations


You don’t need to panic if you have less time to prepare for any exam. Just focus on right yourself.

Make a strategy and execute it. You will be able to crack any entrance exam if you have the right strategy in your hand.

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The comment section is always there if you have any suggestions or doubts regarding this exam.




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