What is the importance of helping others? 

We are busy in our life. Helping others is something that a few people do today. Most of us are busy in fulfilling our dreams and using others for our benefits.

If you are a popular personality then you should help others to rise and get to show their talent in this world.

Sometimes we feel great when you do any satisfactory work and these small tasks make our day.

Life is full of amazing stories, works, and adventures. We should keep helping others as part of our life.

When you are in doubt about life, help others and you will see that you have started to feel nice about everything in this world.

Giving is the key to happiness

When you help someone, you do what it means to be human beings. 

We all face a harsh truth in this world, we are all gonna die one day. Then, why carry the burden of being rude towards life. Why not set ourselves free and explore real joy. 

Helping Others is Contagious

Paul Zak, the director of the Centre for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, has found in research that oxytocin causes people to be more generous and feel greater empathy towards others.


He says that people on an ‘oxytocin high’ can also jumpstart a “virtuous circle, where one person’s generous behavior triggers another’s.”


When you see a smile on others' faces due to your good work, you will have a nice feeling. 

There are very few people in this world who work for others. We should always try to do any good work daily for others.

It can be a very small work too like switching off the lights when no one is around. You are thus saving electricity and helping in your contribution to saving nature.

You can also close a running tap when not in use thus saving water or can help someone lift heavy luggage.

I remember, once in childhood I was coming from school and I saw an old woman carrying heavy luggage that she was barely walking. She was too old to stand straight.


I was not alone. I and my friends distributed the luggage and carried it to her home which was just a little way from ours.

It felt nice that day. So, your contribution to society can be of any size. Just be part of good things in this world.

You are not bound to do what others do. Have your own dreams and values. Work on your values and must have a value for yourself that is helping others.

A Recent event:

Recently, I had a visit to Varanasi for some medical purpose for my mother. I would like to describe two events that happened there. It was a nice experience all over.

1. When we reached there, the driver asked for the fare and I gave him. By mistake, he returned Rs 20 more. I patiently waited for him to finish his fare collection and in the end, I told him,“ You have given me more”.

He smiled and took the money. Then he gave me the exact change. I kind of felt nice. 

That’s how we are supposed to be. We all are working and earning our work. I should have kept that 20 rupees but that would have made him worry later when he would calculate the final profit for that day. He would have thought, where he missed the 20 rupees. 

Take steps ahead in life and be honest with everyone around you. 

2. Later that day, at the hospital, when treatment was going on, I saw a hundred rupees note on beneath the table. I asked one of the staff there if it belonged to him. He picked up and locked inside his almirah saying that someone will surely come for it.

Here I'm not saying that I showed honesty there. It was him. He sure acted like a leader there. Later, a man came asking for his lost money.

I often help my friends and stranger to get them to their dreams. If anyone is approaching you just help them, don’t try to use them. Helping others will let you feel why you are learning and doing it.


Life is awesome and we feel good by doing these small works for other people. That’s what life is. “We need to rise by lifting others”.

Comment below to let us know what amazing thing you did today for the world. 




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