We all want to be happy. Happiness is something that matters to us. Some people get satisfaction by doing something good for others, some by buying some new items, some get happiness by listening to music, and there can be a lot of things that keep us happy.

The way we are working, the job we are doing, the food we are eating, and even the TV series we are watching are all connected to our happiness. We wouldn’t do a single thing that can not make us happy.

You may be wondering till now if happiness is that much of importance, why we always chase success? Because getting success will make you feel happy. 

What activity keeps us happy?

I got through a lot of answers when I searched this on google. Let me tell you what the latest research says about happiness. Many people present this answer differently, and I should say that there may be personal interest involved. But, what about scientific research about the science of happiness?

According to research and talk presented by talented neurologist Moran Cerf, here are the top five things that keep us happy:

1. Sleeping

2. Social Interaction

3. Spirituality

4. Volunteering

5. Exercise

Now, you may be wondering if why is sleeping is at number one. I know you won’t believe it, but it’s true. You can say people who sleep better are happier or the other way that more comfortable people sleep better.

How is Sleep more important for happiness?

Sleeping better does not mean sleeping for a more extended period. This is what most people confuse with. Better sleep is all about the quality of sleep. And when you get up after sleep, you should feel more energetic and fresh, not lazy and sleepy.

I know you won’t believe it unless I tried to trace one of my successful period and how I behaved during those days.

One year back, when I was in my last year of graduation, I had to go through a lot, and I managed each of my tasks well and got amazing grades at university, along with clearing some popular exams.

I tried to think about what happened at that time? Why I behaved like that?

The first thing I got is at that time; I used to sleep better. Yes, although it was a great effort to manage all those tasks, I often used to take a nap of a few hours in between the busy schedule. Also, I used to do ‘let go meditation’ to calm my mind better and have a better sleep. 

It sounds great, right? So, why do sleep responsible for more happiness?

Here is what scientists and neurologists observed.

During sleep, our brain is kind of shut down; we are not controlling everything. It is like the brain does itself. The researchers found that when we are sleeping, we are not there to resists things.

They found that sleep can help you to learn something better as the retention process happens during sleep, forgetting bad memory, helps in better decision making, and risk-assessment that ultimately leads to a happy life and self-control.

So, You should have a quality sleep if you want to be happier, and it’s not something I’m telling by my experiment. It is what found in research.

How Social Interaction keeps us happy?

Social interaction is a broad term for our communication and meetings with our friends, family, loved ones, and society.

Yes, sharing your thought to your loved ones, sharing meals, and coffee with your friends and family keeps you happy. Having a healthy relationship can make you be satisfied and get to success.

The main reason behind this is the fact that this way, we feel that someone is always there for us. We matter to some people, and they care about our condition. This way, you grow happier.

Is spirituality making us happy?

Researcher and neurologist, Moran Cerf says, “Regardless of which religion we follow and which God we believe in, the spirituality is one of the top five factors that keep us happy.”

As we discussed earlier, believing in spirituality and God, means we have an internal feeling that someone almighty is watching us and is always there for us. 

We don’t feel lonely and often thank him for everything we achieved so far.

That’s why doing gratitude first thing in the morning can make your whole day better.

Volunteering as a critical factor for happiness

Volunteering means helping other people in their goals and journey, doing something great for society and nation, and leading the way for someone.

It can start from just a basic work to any high-level volunteering. When you help someone, deep inside, you feel positive and active. 

Read how helping others benefit you?

You don’t need to help someone by buying a home or buying expensive clothes. Just do any small things for others, and it counts the same way. Keep yourself involve in social works and help everyone selflessly.

Exercise can keep you happy

Doing physical activity and exercise release hormones in the brain that makes you feel happy. Recently meditation and Yoga are being practiced by many people throughout the world. It is helping people keeping themselves calm and thus leading to more happiness.

You can involve yourself in 20 minutes of exercise daily, or even a walk would be beneficial too.


To be happy is not difficult. The vital reason most people are not happy is that they are focusing on the wrong things to get happiness. Why?

These five things are well-researched and have been found most influential activities to keeps us happy. These activities may seem silly, but trust me at the end of the day this work.

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