Banaras Hindu University is a public central university located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

It was established in 1916 by Madan Mohan Malaviya, with cooperation from Annie Besant. With over 30,000 students residing on campus, it is the largest residential university in Asia.

BHU (Banaras Hindu University) is ranked among the top 3 universities in India. With a healthy study environment and some of the best faculties in each department, this university is nurturing the students very well and helping them to make a career in almost every aspect from arts to engineering and medical to management.

There are various BHU BSc courses. In this post, I will discuss how any student can prepare for the BHU BSc Maths entrance exams(UET).

Every year more than 1 lakhs of students apply for BHU BSc Maths entrance exams for different courses for 600 seats.

Students from different parts of the country apply for this exam and there are very tough competitions among students. 

Let’s see how one can prepare effectively for the BHU maths entrance exam and clear it with a good rank.

BHU BSc form is released in February each year. There are various courses at BHU for which a student can apply. Students with maths, physics, and chemistry can also appear for the BHU BSc Agriculture Entrance exam.

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Content of Post:

1. BHU BSc Maths Syllabus and exam pattern

2. What scores should you target?

3. BHU BSc maths previous year papers:

4. BHU BSc maths entrance exam books:

5. Conclusion

BHU BSc Maths Syllabus and exam pattern:

You can find the BHU BSc syllabus for all subjects in the information brochure. For the BSc entrance exam, there shall be one Paper of 150 minutes (Two and half hours) duration carrying 450 marks containing 150 multiple choice questions based on 10+2 examinations or equivalent. The Paper shall comprise three sections:

1. Mathematics

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

Each section contains 50 questions.

If we talk about the cutoff for the BHU BSc maths entrance exam, scoring more than 250+ marks will make you to BHU with the hostel.

The syllabus of each section is what a student study in intermediate. Both classes 11 and 12 syllabi are included. Let us focus on the section-wise preparation.


There are If you are preparing for any engineering entrance exams then don’t confuse with the study material.

For clearing the BHU BSc entrance exam, you don’t need any tough book for subject specialized books. Don’t mess up the BHU entrance exam with other engineering entrance exams. 

If you are not doing a focused study then you might not be able to crack it with good rank.

I highly recommend that you must solve the NCERT book of classes 11 and 12 of mathematics.

If you talk about the other reference books, RD Sharma Objective mathematics book is highly recommended too. This book has a lot of solved examples from each chapter. Although these books only contain basic formula and not the detailed proofs, amount of questions to be practiced is very large.

If you have more than one year to prepare than try to solve whole chapters of RD Sharma Objective mathematics. If less than 6 months then you must solve the following chapters: Matrices, determinants, functions, integrals.

While solving this book, don’t try to read the whole chapter at once. After completing the illustrations of any chapter, you must solve objective exercises with some of the questions each day.

Don’t solve multiple correct and numerical type questions as these types of questions are not asked in the BHU entrance exam.

I have seen most of the students study for entrance exams the wrong way. That’s why despite covering the whole syllabus, they don’t get a good rank. You must read the following posts on how to prepare for entrance exams?

I have used these tips to crack IIT JAM, ISI, and CMI entrance exam in less than 4 months.


The best book to prepare the chemistry section is NCERT. I should say, when I was preparing for my CBSE board exam, I had read the NCERT thoroughly and it benefited me in the BHU entrance exam.

Don’t forget to make a formula sheet or reaction sheet. It will help you in the revision often.

The NCERT book has all the chapters explained so well then no other book could replace it. 

During my board exams, the first thing I did each morning is to read the two chapters of NCERT daily. I had made a formula sheet for all the chapters and solved each exercise question of NCERT thoroughly.

However, if you want to solve some more questions from each chapter then I recommend Pradeep’s Chemistry. But, if you have more than one year to prepare then only opt this book. If you are from CBSE Board, you must be studying this book already as part of your course curriculum.


NCERT Physics is not easy to understand for most of the students in intermediate. But the syllabus is, of course, the topics that are included in the NCERT Book.

The following book can be useful for clearing the Physics concept for the BHU entrance exam:

1. Physics by H C Verma

2. Physics by S L Arora

The following points are recommended for preparing the Physics section:

1. Learn all the formulas. If you have memorized each formula and solved only questions on how to apply these formulas, you can easily solve at least 10 questions without much effort.

2. Keep a special focus on Modern Physics as more number of questions may be asked.

What scores should you target?

As I mentioned earlier, scoring 250+ will be enough for any general category student to get a seat at BHU along with hostel facility. The cutoff may be less than 250 for category students

Out of 450 marks, scoring 250 means you need to solve 80+ questions correctly. Since for most students, the maths section can be easy as more number of questions can be solved for this section. Physics seems to a tougher as compared to other sections.

You should target to solve 35+ questions in maths, 30+ questions in Chemistry, and 20+ questions physics correctly.

Some general tips for BHU Entrance exam:

1. Solve past year papers: There is no replacement for past year papers. Solve each year’s papers and try to see the pattern of the questions. You may find that sometimes a large number of questions asked from some chapters.

2. Don’t confuse with syllabus: If you are preparing for engineering entrance exams, you may be preparing for some other syllabus. However, that may be very different for the syllabus of the BHU entrance exam. Focus on NCERT and topics mentioned in NCERT to cover up the syllabus for BHU.

3. Practice daily: BHU BSc maths entrance exam has a time limit of 2.5 hours only. You should try to practice more each day to solve the target number of questions.

4. Make a target: you should already have in your mind, how many questions you want to solve in the exam. You should also have a strategy for how to start solving the paper.

When I was answering in the main exam, I was already thought to solve 90 questions correctly. Also, I always try to find those questions at first which can be solved within a few seconds by applying a simple formula.

This way I solved 30+ basics questions within 20 minutes. Now I had to focus on solving question sections-wise. I started from maths and solved 46 questions, then chemistry and at last physics.

5. Solve Correctly: If you are not able to do long questions, just solve questions as much as you can do correctly. What most students do is, they preassume that they will not be selected and they often attempt all questions and ended up being getting negative marks. Avoid it.

BHU BSc maths previous year papers:


Previous Year paper link


Click Here


Click Here


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BHU BSc maths entrance exam books:

Here are some useful books that will help you in your preparation for the BHU BSc maths group entrance exam. All these books come with previous year solved papers. 

However, before looking at the solution, you must try to solve it on your own.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Question: Can I bring a calculator to the test center?

Answer: Candidates are prohibited from bringing calculators to the BHU UET exam centers 2020.

Question: Do the questions in offline mode carry the same marks like the ones in the online mode?

Answer: Yes, the mode of the exams will be different but the structure and the marking scheme of the question paper will be the same.

Question: Will there be any negative marking on the BHU UET exam?

Answer: Yes, there will be negative marking in the BHU UET exam. One mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.

Question: What do the sample papers of BHU UET 2020 consist of?

Answer: BHU UET Sample Papers 2020 consists of previous years’ question papers.


Clearing any entrance exam is all about the right strategy and practice. Don’t confuse with the syllabus and always practice more. 

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Comment if you have some specific questions about the BHU Entrance exam.

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