Life doesn’t seem fair all the time. Sometimes it sucks and we often realize that something is not working the way it should. It can happen with anyone and at any point in time. 

It feels like all the achievements, rewards, and goals are just a waste and you can’t bear the pain now.

The way we feel is the way to start behaving. If we feel negative about ourselves, we just act like we can’t achieve anything and we should quit doing it. 

I have gone through the same pain as a student and I think most the students do feel this way sometimes.

Why Failure is good for success?

Some quit the game and stop trying while others just try hard with everything they have got and ultimately able to break this loop.

I was doing my BSc when I have to go through what I called the darkest phase of my student life. Let’s see how overcame this and bounced back even higher in my educational career.

During high school, every student plan where they want to go for graduation. I never tried to know these things. Even what I have believed until then was also not correct. I wanted to pursue a research career and subconsciously believed that I have not to go to the engineering sector.

Due to wrong and misleading information, I made myself believed that in India engineers are unemployed.

I know this is not the fact if you work hard during college. But, I was just having this belief all the time.

Despite clearing JEE MAINS, I chose to do a BSc in computer science from BHU. 

When I first got there, everyone started to criticize my decision that if I wanted to read computer science, Btech was the best option I had. 

Repeatedly, going through the same criticism, I had started to hate my decision. I just started to fee how my journey from now on is going to be difficult.

Each semester just passes on by hating myself and thinking about the future. Although I was enjoying computer science, the fact was that I came to knew that BSc students are nowhere as compared to Btech guys.

Not even a single company visits our department for placement after graduation. I used to hate my decision of getting into a BSc degree.

Sometimes I used to cry sitting alone and told myself, what have I done? How am I supposed to get a good job? If I had chosen the Btech, I might have not faced the situations.

I even started to blame my family for this decision. Everything seems to be a mess in my life.

When I was in my last year, every student had started to prepare for some entrance exams. 

Even I was thinking of some exams to clear but I knew that I would never be able to clear them. My self-confidence was low and I just keep blaming my situation for everything.

It was the dark phase of my student life. Even I came across the story a student who was preparing for government exams after graduation in computer science and had failed consistently. 

Life was just passing on. 

On 10 January I came to know that the NIT Trichy MSc computer science exam is canceled and they would be choosing candidates from IIT JAM MS paper.

What a coincidence, I had filled the form of IIT JAM in MS paper. But the problem was that the exam was exactly after 10 February and I had no idea of the syllabus and study materials.

Most of my classmates who were appearing for this exam were starting the revision as they had completed the syllabus till then. I was starting.

I never knew I could do it. Clearing IIT JAM in one month was not an easy task. Students were preparing for more than 4 months and even someone year.

I started to study by making plans. I changed my study habits as I knew that I could never achieve the best result if I would study the same way I had studied before.

I know most of you won’t belive If I talk about bend reality. It is about  How to shape the world according to your thoughts.

I always used to imagine myself clearing this exam and studying at the college I wanted to go to. I could see myself on the campus, the classroom, and the faculty teaching us.

It happened and I cleared the exam. But the most important fact was that I got my self-confidence back.

“It’s not how it starts, it’s always how you want to end it.

I appeared for more exams and could clear them all even I had not the Mathematics major in my graduation and ended up being at IIT Bombay.

Believe in Yourself and Try again

Make your success an epic ending that anyone would ever witness. Fear of failure and losses are always there. If you think the person in front of you has a better life, then maybe you don’t know the pain he may have suffered getting there.

Sometimes in life, we had no control over the results. We often feel that we are useless. It is natural to think sometimes that way too. Life is full of negative and positive thoughts, up and down, and success and failure. 

The thing that leads us to happiness is that we are trying our best to make things the way it should be. Life is worth trying. 

If I had left the preparation by saying that I am not the person who can do it then, in reality, I had never done it.

Sometimes, you need to believe in yourself and give it a try. Focus yourself and instead of blaming others, you should try to do it.

We feel that we should escape the painful path and choose an easy life. But the fact is that that painful path will bring more learning and happiness that easy path. 

Success isn’t defined clearly and it varies from person to person. I had average performance many times in my college. But I graduated being the topper and eventually the gold medalist from my subject.


Life is eventually going to reward you. But show your guts and fight it. Don’t stop doing it. If you fail analyze yourself and again do it. 

If you fail then it’s not a big deal as everyone fails. But if you succeed after being failed so many times in the past, you are the real hero. 

“Failure is a success if we learn from it.”




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