We grow everyday whether we realise it or not. The fear of failure doesn't let us try what we want to do, so in reality, the comfort zone is all about fear.

Fear is something if overcome can let you do more beyond your expectations.

I have seen some people don’t do anything new as they fear what if they fail? What if it would make the situations worse?

It’s natural to think about failure before trying. We have different awareness and we dive within them regularly. We need to control our thoughts and step out of comfort zones and give a try to what we left or didn’t start.

We can’t control everything happening in our life and something is meant to go beyond our control. 

But, the best practice is to get a hold on yourself. That very moment we are required to focus on ourselves, our emotions and keep going ahead no matter what keeps us holding. 

Yes, you read it correctly. Great things are meant to happen if we can come out of our fear and face the situations that are happening.

So, here are 5 tips that you should try if you want to overcome your fear and try all those new things that you ever wanted to do.

1. See what’s happening with you: 

I remember, once I was preparing for an exam. I had never cleared any competitive exams before. I had failed a lot in most of them.

The  fact was that I was afraid. I was having thoughts that anyone can do it but I can’t. Also, I had less than a month and I was almost unaware of everything that was to be asked. 

I didn’t want to prepare as I knew I would fail.

But, my mentor said, “Do the best you can. Study and do it the way you never did”.

It was like getting out of my comfort zone. So, eventually with a positive mental attitude, I began preparing and guess what, I did it.


2. Write down all your fear

While I was in graduation, I had a fear of not doing anything new. Guess what, I wrote down everything I ever feared or didn’ try.

I soon started to work on them and when I graduated I had accomplished most of them. 

Writing down all your fears let you identify what you need to work upon. We all have flaws and we are in this world to improve yourself.

3. Divide and conquer

Since I’m from a computer science field so I came to know about a concept called divide and conquer.

“It says, break down all your tasks in baby steps and do all those small steps and you will complete your tasks.”

The task that seems difficult in the beginning, can be easily done if we divide them in baby steps strategically, if you want to read a book with 200 pages, just say to yourself that you will read 10-12 pages everyday.

4. Find a positive peers group

“Always surround yourself with people who lift you up, rather than hold you down.”

― Donald L. Hicks, Look into the stillness

You think about what you listen to more often. You do what influences you. If you are influenced by negative thoughts of fear, failure and rejection, you will behave accordingly. 

Find a good peers group. Hangout with people who talk about taking risks, doing something new and growthful. It will give you a positive impact on your decision making ability.

5. See failure as a way to improve yourself:

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” —Napoleon Hill

We all fail at some point of our life. But it doesn’t mean if you fail, it’s over. Take failure as the way to improve yourself. Learn from the experiences you got when you tried. 

Analyze your mistakes and have a deep conversation with yourself about how you can improve yourself further. Remember one thing, success and failure just go side by side. Accept it, analyze it and try again.


The time when everything goes wrong, you are still learning and preparing for your future. We are not identified by our successes, but we are identified by quality of failure before we get success.

Why don't I be happy in hard times too?

Why not smile and tell yourself that since it was meant to happen and I will not let the rest of things go. I’ll learn something from this failure, analyse it and let myself rise once again.

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