Exam stress is common during preparation days. To combat this exam stress, there is a need to understand why you are feeling so tense.

Some common reasons for this anxiety include low motivation levels, lack of planning, health issues, peer pressure, fear from failure, etc. 

Everyone from their side gives their best during preparation. The preparation is not the only thing, but you also need to stay motivated, focused, calm, and stay sharp during exam preparations to give your best during the exam.

To stay focused is very important to score better in entrance exams.

Recently I wrote a post about the “10 tips to prepare and crack any entrance exam”.I discussed 10 most important post while preparing for entrance exams

With good focus, you can easily recall the formula and concept you have studied for the exam.

Lack of focus is a common thing that is seen among students.


What people usually say about lack of concentration:

1. “I try to concentrate, but I soon find myself thinking about something else.”

2. “It is difficult for me to concentrate when I study.”

3. “My inclination keeps going from one thought to another.”

4. “When I try to focus on what I am doing, soon my thoughts often drift to other things.”

5. “I cannot conclude what I start doing.”

6. “I lack concentration. I am unable to focus my mind on one thing for more than a few seconds.”

7. “I often hesitate, because I cannot focus for long, and then drop what I am doing.”

It’s okay if you also have some of these thoughts. With practice, it can be improved over time. 

Let us see how you can increase your ability to focus during exams and score better than your expectations.

When I was preparing for IIT JAM, ISI, and CMI exams, I came across some of the unique techniques that make me focus instantly and do better then I do often. I was able to crack each of them with these tips.

I suggested these techniques to my friends and even they were able to do better. I have interviewed a lot of toppers and these are the common tips that they talk about.


Here is how I have seen some students studying or how I was studying before I changed myself:

1. Plugging in an earphone, listening to favorite music and studying

2. Watching TV shows and studying

3. chatting on phone and studying

4. Eating and studying

5. Gossiping with someone and studying

6. Thinking about why someone did this to you (I mean maybe you are thinking about something happened with you in the past) and studying.

If you are continuously doing any of these, maybe you should make some changes to your study pattern.

What I continuously keep repeating is that, try to study alone and always use the Pomodoro Technique.

Here are a few tips that will boost your performance in every exam:

1. Whenever you are studying for exams, always imagine yourself to be seated in the exam hall.

Try to feel the environment of the exam, feel the exam pressure, and how you are trying to ease that pressure.

Most of you must be wondering what is the benefit of doing it? The answer is simple, this is how you will be calm during the exam. 

If you practice playing football daily, that experience will decide how will you play in a real match.

2. Whenever you study, do it with complete focus. If you will leave yourself to be distracted by all those little things, you are not going to exceed.

3. Maintain a healthy diet. Don’t try to eat anything that can make you sick. When exams are near, maintain a healthy diet and keep your routine stable.

Don’t try something new. Just keep everything in revision, practice question, maintain 

A healthy diet, and get a good night’s sleep.

4. I have seen some of the students who stop studying completely one or two weeks before the exam date. 

Indeed, you can’t prepare much in those times but the fact is that never stop completely rather just try to stick with the portion you have studied till now, revise the formulas, and do the previous year questions.

 Keep yourself in the loop.

5. Don’t talk about your peers' progress during the last days. It will make you feel unworthy that they have done so many things and are fully prepared for the exams even if it may not be the reality.

Believe in yourself and do whatever you have planned. You are responsible for your preparations. Blaming others and getting depressed by your peer’s progress will not let you perform better.

6. While solving any questions, keep track of everything in your mind like what is given in the questions, what is asked, what formula to apply to solve it, and the correct options to tick when you have solved the question.

I have seen students ticking the wrong option even they have correctly solved the question. 

Practice this regularly and identify your mistakes at each step of your preparation.


Lack of concentration and focus is common in most students. Don’t hate yourself for it. Implement these 7 steps and improve yourself. Learn to focus on yourself. Focus is key to boost your performance. Analyze and improve.

All the best for your upcoming exams.

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