IIT JAM is one of the most popular exams among the students who want to pursue an MSc-PhD degree from IISC, IIT, and NITs. 

The IIT JAM exam is held every year in February. Many students appearing for this exam use a lot of resources for preparation like mock tests, coaching, and YouTube videos, etc. 

While a lot of students prepare, a few can crack it to IIT, and being among toppers in IIT JAM is a dream for candidates preparing for this exam. 

Here we present an interview with Sagar Dhanraj, the AIR 16 in IIT JAM Chemistry subject and qualified TIFR for an integrated Ph.D. in Chemistry. He also got AIR 1 in the BHU MSc chemistry entrance exam.

Here he discusses how to prepare for IIT JAM Chemistry and what strategies he used. Also, there are some nice reference books for IIT JAM Chemistry recommended by him.

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From Which college did you complete your undergraduates and what was your major subject?

I graduated from BHU (Banaras Hindu University) in Chemistry.

Did you opt for coaching for preparations?

Since the IIT JAM exam is one of the most popular and challenging exams. A lot of students take this exam to get a seat in IITs. So I completely relied on self-study. 

Many of my friends opted for coaching, but I think the self-study is the best way to qualify IIT JAM Chemistry exam.

Which reference books for IIT JAM Chemistry did you choose for preparations?

There are a lot of books and materials for preparing the IIT JAM Chemistry exam. Some of my friends were studying books from foreign writers. While I used the following books for my preparation of IIT JAM MS exam:

Inorganic Chemistry: Book by JD lee, Huyee, Kalia

Organic Chemistry: Book by PY Bruice is enough and you can refer Clayden for more details.

Physical Chemistry: Book by Puri Sharma Pathania for JAM and Peter Atkins for deep conceptual knowledge

For the rest of the topics, I followed YouTube videos.

Since the IIT JAM Chemistry syllabus is more as compare to other subjects, self-study is the best way to prepare.

How did you make time for preparations apart from managing college studies?

I have heard from a lot of students that how to manage time while preparing for IIT JAM? I would like to clarify some points regarding time management. 

It’s different from different people. But you need to identify the short chunks of time from your daily schedule where you can do some productive work like, revise formulae, see past year papers or discuss doubts with friends. 

I want to do MSc from my dream college i.e. IIT, so that pushes me to make time for the preparation of IIT JAM. 

You need to keep a motivating factor with you so that whenever you feel low, you can imagine it and keep the energy flowing through you.

Which online platform you mostly used during your preparations for the JAM?

I didn’t use any online platform for preparation. I used the books I have given and mostly practiced the material given in these books. 

A lot of my friends were using some online platforms like WhatsApp group for IIT JAM and some of them using online Mock tests for IIT JAM. 

For me, online use was minimum, some times I watched youtube videos for topics that I couldn’t understand easily from books.

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this exam?

I would like to give the following advice that I used for my preparation too. It will help a lot for new students preparing for IIT JAM and I think these are my strategies while preparing for any entrance exam.

1. Go with the basics if you have enough time (1 year) for preparation, as the exam-oriented study wouldn't help much for advanced level study in MSc. 

2. Practice questions often including previous year papers for IIT JAM Chemistry, it would be better to join test series for focused study and self-improvement.

Why did you choose this particular IIT for your MSc?

The best quality of education and infrastructure makes me fall to join IIT Bombay.

IITB gives you more opportunities to grow in yourself in your field, and any other field. 

You can switch accordingly. More significantly you will know your value as it will boost your confidence to do more things in your life.

Also, campus life at IIT Bombay is nice. You are being taught by the most prominent faculty of India. What else one needs?

Conclusion: There are a lot of important points covered in this interview. This success story will also push you to achieve more in your life.

The success story of any exam has a common point, work from basic and don’t deviate.

So, focus on your goals and try to stick to the syllabus. Here are some useful resources for the IIT JAM Chemistry exam such IIT JAM chemistry syllabus, IIT JAM chemistry cutoff, and past year papers.

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All the best for your IIT JAM Exam 2021.

Comment below for any doubts and suggestions. Let us know if you have used some of these tricks during your preparations.

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