IIT JAM is one of the most popular exams among the students who want to pursue an MSc-PhD degree from IISC, IIT, and NITs. 

The IIT JAM exam is held every year in February. Many students appearing for this exam use a lot of resources for preparation like mock tests, coaching, and YouTube videos, etc. 

While a lot of students prepare, a few can crack it to IIT, and being among toppers in IIT JAM is a dream for aspirants preparing for this exam. 

Orangeballon presents the interview with IIT JAM Ranker Netra Prabhu, the AIR 27 in IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics.

She is currently pursuing MSc Applied Statistics and Informatics at IIT Bombay. She shares how she was able to crack the IIT JAM while managing her regular studies. 

She also shares some online platforms that helped her during her preparations.

Q. From Which college did you complete your undergraduates from and what was your major?

I graduated from Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai (Mumbai University)

Q. Did you opt for coaching for preparations?

No, I didn’t opt for coaching for preparing for the IIT JAM exam. I took help from my Mathematics teacher and one of my seniors who is passed out from IIT Kanpur.

I mainly focused on self-study and I used to ask my senior whenever I get stuck. I never feel like I need regular coaching for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Preparations.

Q. Which books did you choose for preparations?

I used the following books for my IIT JAM preparations

  • Mathematical Statistics by S C Gupta: I covered all probability and statistics portion from this book. It has all the theory explained clearly with examples that even a beginner can understand.

Most of the students choose this book for covering the statistics portion. If anyone has a week statistics background than solve this book from basic.

  • Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Robert V. Hogg and Allen T. Craig: I used this book to practics questions for IIT JAM. It has good number of examples and questions to solve. 

  • Schaum series for Linear algebra

  • Thomas Finney for integral calculus

Q. How did you make time for preparations apart from managing college studies?

I prepared for IIT JAM along with managing my college study. I had to travel a lot to the college by local train.

I utilized my traveling time (almost 3 hrs a day) to memorize concepts and important formulas.

Apart from that, earlier I used to study on weekends for IIT JAM. My preparation took a serious turn starting from late November continuing to December and January.

This was a very crucial period for me.

Being a statistics undergraduate I strongly feel that Jam is very easy to crack if you have understood every concept in statistics at the undergraduate level.

Q. Which online platform you mostly used during your preparations for the JAM?

1. Mathstackexchange: This platform is very helpful as it has some questions solved by an expert in the mathematics field with a clear explanation.

2. Facebook group of IIT JAM MS: I had joined a Facebook group for IIT JAM. With thousands of students on that group along with some alumni of IITs, I got good mentoring from them.

3. WhatsApp Group of IIT JAM: I was also a part of the WhatsApp group where we used to put some questions that we were unable to solve. It was being solved by some of the students in the group. It was very helpful.

Q. What advice you would like to give to students preparing for this exam?

I would suggest them to be sure that their concepts are cleared. Problem-solving skill is most important.

At each step of preparation, analyze yourself. Solve past year papers and in case you are not able to do any questions look for help.

I have seen most of the students don’t ask their doubt. In my case, I used to ask my mathematics doubt to one of my professors while for statistics, I used to discuss it with friends and sometimes post on the WhatsApp group.

Past-year papers have enough variety of questions. 

During the preparation phase, you don’t get depressed if you are not able to understand something, you will surely be doing it over time.

Study regularly.


If you have the right strategy, you can qualify for any entrance exam with a good rank. Preparation is all about good strategy and focus. Don’t deviate from the path and keep going, while analyzing yourself at each step.

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She got 57.68 marks


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