IIT JAM is one of the most popular exams among the students who want to pursue an MSc-PhD degree from IISC, IIT, and NITs. The IIT JAM exam is held every year in February. Many students appearing for this exam use a lot of resources for preparation like mock tests, coaching, and YouTube videos, etc. 

While a lot of students prepare, a few can crack it to IIT, and being among toppers in IIT JAM is a dream for candidates preparing for this exam. 

Here we present an interview with Megha Agarwaal, the AIR 4 in IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics subject.

Here she discusses how to prepare for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics and what strategies she used. Also, there are some nice reference books for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics recommended by her.

A lot of students also ask questions about the eligibility of the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics exam.

Megha Agarwaal is a graduate in Mathematics from Delhi University. So, mathematics students are eligible for this exam and see how she was able to crack this exam with being in the top 5 in IIT JAM.

Here is the interview of one of the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics toppers, Megha Agarwal. Let’s see what she tells about her journey to IIT Bombay. 

From Which college did you complete your undergraduates and what was your major subject?


I graduated from Ramjas college, DU in mathematics.


Did you opt for coaching for preparations?


Since the IIT JAM exam is one of the most popular and challenging exams. A lot of students take this exam to get a seat in IITs. So I decided to be guided by experts who have already cleared these exams or guiding students to clear this exam each year.


I mainly opted for it for concept building and adequate practice of questions on topics related to IIT JAM. And I would like to thank my mentors who guided me so well that I was able to crack this exam while being in the top 5.


Which Books did you choose for preparations?

There are a lot of books and materials for the preparation of the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics exam. Some of my friends were studying books from foreign writers. While I used the following books for my preparation of IIT JAM MS exam:

1. Probability and Mathematical Statistics by Prasanna Sahoo

2. Notes by Mr. Tanujit Chakraborty. (Available online)

3. Books by Samvedna Publication 

Since the Syllabus of IIT JAM consists of 40% Maths and 60% Statistics, I used this book for maths part. It has a lot of practice questions and previous year papers.

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Apart from these books, I relied on my coaching notes and study material for preparation.

4. DIPS study material

How did you make time for preparations apart from managing college studies?

I have heard from a lot of students that how to manage time while preparing for IIT JAM? I would like to clarify some points regarding time management. 

It’s different from different people. But you need to identify the short chunks of time from your daily schedule where you can do some productive work like, revise formulae, see past year papers or discuss doubts with friends. 

I wasn’t in college when I was preparing for this exam. I was doing a job and to prepare for this exam, I had to take a break from my job.

Which online platform you mostly used during your preparations for the JAM?

I didn’t use any online platform for preparation. I used the books I have given and mostly practiced the material given in these books. 

A lot of my friends were using some online platforms like WhatsApp group for IIT JAM and some of them using online Mock tests for IIT JAM. 

I sometimes used to watch YouTube videos related to mathematics and statistics topics. 

What advice would you like to give to students preparing for this exam?

I would like to give the following advice that I used for my preparation too. It will help a lot for new students preparing for IIT JAM and I think these are my strategies while preparing for any entrance exam.

Recently, I got AIR 25 in CSIR-NET in mathematical sciences and my strategies were no different than this. So, students should focus on these points profoundly.

 1.  Work on your concepts: Many of the students start doing questions without having a strong grasp of the concept.

So, you need to first have a strong understanding of concepts and then start solving practice questions for IIT JAM.

2. Prepare a formula sheet: The most important advice given. Yes, It helps. When you study any topic, you can have a strong grasp at that moment but slowly it will start to fade away. So, revising from a formula sheet keeps you in the loop. 

3. Write down the syllabus on a sheet and keep revisiting that sheet: Many students preparing for any exams don’t have the complete knowledge of the syllabus. 

You should write it down on a piece of paper and keep revisiting it regularly. When you complete any topic, let yourself know how much syllabus you still have to cover and how much you have done.

4. Try to cover the whole syllabus: You can’t get a good score if you haven’t studied the whole syllabus. So, try to cover the whole syllabus thoroughly and keep revising your formula sheet.

5. Practice the past year’s papers properly: Nothing can be better than past year papers. There is no replacement for it. 

To get the feeling of what types of questions are asked in IIT JAM, CSIR NET, or any other exam, just practice past year papers and be honest with yourself while practicing.

6. The practice is the key to success: Keep yourself in the loop of practicing. Optimize your time. If you leave practice then you will lose your confidence. So, keep going.

7. If you have spare time left, practice questions from CSIR NET Maths and GATE Statistics too. It will help you a lot. Try to develop problem-solving skills within you.  

Why did you choose this particular IIT for your MSc?


IIT Bombay has a nice curriculum. There are a lot of topics that are going to help me in my future exams and preparation. 


Also, campus life at IIT Bombay is nice. You are being taught by the most prominent faculty of India. What else one needs?

Conclusion: There are a lot of important points covered in this interview. These 7 points will help you crack any exams like IIT JAM, ISI(Indian Statistical Institute) exams, and CSIR NET, etc.

So, focus on your goals and try to stick to the syllabus. You can read more about how to crack any entrance exam: 10 Tips to prepare and crack any entrance exam

Comment below for any doubts and suggestions. Let us know if you have used some of these tricks during your preparations.




Can we know how much she scored?



Can a person who completed graduation in mathematics and post graduation in statistics can apply for indian statistical service?



Hi Akshara, Yes the elegibility of the ISS is either graduation in statistics, applied statistics , mathematical Statistic or Post graduation in these areas. I'm myself BSc in computer science and MSc in Applied statistics.

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