IIT JAM is one of the most popular exams among the students who want to pursue an MSc-PhD degree from IISC, IIT, and NITs. The IIT JAM exam is held every year in February. Many students appearing for this exam use a lot of resources for preparation like mock tests, coaching, and YouTube videos, etc. 

While a lot of students prepare, a few can crack it to IIT, and being among toppers in IIT JAM is a dream for candidates preparing for this exam. 

Here we present an interview with Apratim Srivastava, the AIR 45 in IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics subject.

Here she discusses how to prepare for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics and what strategies she used. Also, there are some nice reference books for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics recommended by her.

A lot of students also ask questions about the eligibility of the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics exam.

Apratim Srivastava is a graduate in Statistics from UP College, Varanasi. Read how she was able to crack this exam and get in the top 50 in IIT JAM Mathematical Statistic paper.

Apratim Srivastava

IIT JAM 2019 - AIR 45 (MS)

Currently - IIT Bombay (MSc ASI)

Let’s see what she tells about her preparation strategy and how she made it to IIT Bombay.

Q. From Which college did you complete your undergraduates from and what was your major? 

I am from Varanasi and I completed my graduation from Udai Pratap College(UP College), Varanasi and my graduation were in Mathematics and Statistics

Q. Did you opt for coaching for preparations? 

Initially, I wanted to go to IIT to pursue my higher studies in statistics. But, I was clueless as to how I should prepare? What is asked in the exam, Which study materials are enough for preparing for IIT JAM in Mathematical Statistics?

Since going to IIT was my dream, I decided to take coaching for IIT JAM. I have prepared from Dips Academy, Delhi.

Q. Which books did you choose for preparations?

1. Fundamental of Mathematical Statistics By S C Gupta for Statistics: I used this book for covering probability, random variable, statistical distribution, and Statistical Inference.


2. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics By Hogg and Craig: it is a very nice book for practicing questions that are very similar to one asked in IIT JAM mathematical statistics subject. After concept building, this book is much helpful.


3. For maths, I relied on Dips Academy JAM Mathematics materials.

4. Past year papers: Solving past year papers for IIT JAM is the best way to gain confidence while preparing for any entrance exam.

I solved the last 10 year IIT JAM question papers thoroughly and it gave a lot of insight into the difficulty level of questions asked in the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics paper.

Q. How did you make time for preparations apart from managing college studies? 


As I said earlier that I was clueless about how I should prepare for IIT JAM and during college time I didn’t think much about the IIT JAM exam. I had heard students talking about IIT JAM in the final year of my graduation only. 


I took a gap in preparation after completing my college. But one can easily manage time for about 2 hours a day apart from college and be in regular touch with basic concepts of statistics as many of my classmates used to do.


I prepared for about 2 months from December onwards till Feb with a regular study of about 5-6 hours a day and maintained a clear concept of every topic mentioned in the syllabus.

Q. Which online platform you mostly used during your preparations for the IIT JAM?

As part of my coaching, I relied upon Dips academy's test series only. I used to watch some YouTube videos for motivation and mediation purposes.

For me, the coaching material was enough to crack the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Paper.

Q. What advice you would like to give to students preparing for the IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics exam? 

1. This exam is based on the basic concepts of statistics. If one will stick to the syllabus and solve all past year papers, it can be easily cracked.

2. Solving past year papers is important as it contains a wide and relatable variety of questions.

One can get practice questions from any source but past year papers are a must to solve for cracking any entrance exam.

3. Personally, my only target was to attempt 40 questions right in the IIT JAM exam, and this strategy worked!! 

If you have done 35-40 questions right then, there is a high probability that you will get selected.

4.  Most importantly maintain a regular study routine and give your 100%, no shortcuts.


As far as any exams are concerned, two things are most important: clear your concept and solve past year papers

Out of many students, we have interviewed at OrangeBallon, this seems to be a more common point that everyone emphasizes on. 

Make a strategy and execute it. You will be able to crack any entrance exam if you have the right strategy in your hand.

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Any idea how much she scored?



She got 51.33 marks

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