Are you a college student? Are you a part-time employee? Are you in search of a job? It doesn’t matter whats your occupation is, you can earn money online working from home.

Earning money from home is not too much difficult. If you don’t know about those ways till now, then in this post I will tell 4 ways by which you can earn money online from home.

Many people are making a huge amount of passive income using these sources.  However, if you can also start making money online and be self-dependent.

Earning money online in India is getting so popular that most of the students choose to work online after college. 

After reading this post you will know about some platform on which you can utilize your knowledge to make money online.

Here are 4 ways to make earn money online working from home:

1. Subject Matter Expert Jobs:

According to Wikipedia: A subject-matter expert is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. The term is used when developing materials about a topic, and expertise on the topic is needed by the personnel developing the material. 

There are a lot of websites to earn money as a Subject Matter Expert(SME). Here are 3 popular subject matter expert websites:

a. Chegg India


c. CourseHero

Many of my friends use Chegg as a subject matter expert and they earn as high as Rs. 50k+ per month. For some peak month, they can make 1 Lakh working from home.

To work as a Subject Matter Expert, you need to join these websites by clearing a simple test. They ask for the documents which you can provide. 

After verification, you can start answering questions adhering to their privacy and policies.

There are many subjects for which they hire SMEs but all the subjects won’t pay you the same money. If you are involved in some advanced subjects like mathematics, statistics, engineering subjects, you can earn more.

I have personally earned Rs.40k+ per month from Chegg working 3 hours a day. So, if you are college students, you should not miss this opportunity.

2. Freelancing:

In freelance work, a person works on his own availability and convenience, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract jobs for companies and organizations, they are eventually self-employed.

Some best freelancing websites are:

a. Upwork

b. Freelancer

c. Fiverr

You will find tons of skills for which organizations and individuals hire the freelancer. 

Whether you are an expert in SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Data Science, Machine learning, Web Development, or mathematics, you will find all kinds of jobs on these websites.

I would like to give you some more information about Fiverr as it is different from other freelancing websites. 

On Fiverr, you can offer your work to the global audience. Based on your performance and pricing, you get an offer to complete any task. 

The best thing is that you are going to decide the price that you want for that work. Clients will pay you accordingly. Payment is transferred to you after work completion.

If you are looking for some freelancer for your company, you can hire from these websites as well.

3. Start a YouTube Channel:

Nowadays, visual content is gaining much popularity. If you also have good content to give to the world then better you should start a YouTube channel. 

“YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Every 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube as the most effective video marketing platform.”

“Every day people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views (YouTube, 2019).”

Now, Let’s do some math. If every single person on earth watched a video on YouTube, that’s around 8.4 minutes per day per person. 

With these statistics, it is clear that content on YouTube is getting popular quickly as a huge audience is there and you can generate good revenue.

You can start a YouTube Channel on cooking, teaching, sharing Funny contents, poetry or you can even post your podcast on YouTube.

Here are some YouTube Channels popular in India

a. ChuChu Tv: 

ChuChu TV is India’s largest content creator on YouTube you may have never heard of.

This is one of the best YouTube channels for kids’ entertainment and education in English and many regional languages. It is the second most-watched YouTube Channel in India.

b. Technical Guruji:

Technical Guruji was created by Gaurav Chaudhry on 18th October 2015 and in a very short time, managed to make this channel the most popular Indian YouTube channel in the technical category

The main idea behind this YouTube channel is to make technology “Easy to Understand”. Gaurav does Tech Videos in Hindi. He is a Security Professional, presently living in Dubai.

c. VahChef

Vahchef is a popular YouTube channel in India for cooking. The channel belongs to Sanjay Thumma

He is a passionate Chef and founder of the cooking website “” that has many trending and popular recipes. 

These are some YouTube channel which is a pioneer in their field. At first, they had also started from basic. Today, they are the most watch channels in their filed.

4. Write an eBook:

I’m not kidding. Yes, you can write an ebook. If you are an expert on any topic and you want others to know about it, just write an ebook. 

Nowadays publishing an ebook is as easy as buying anything from online stores. There are many websites where you can publish your ebook and earn a royalty on books.

Amazon is one such website which gives you up to 70% royalty on your book published. You can publish both ebooks and paper versions. It is easy to customize and many people publish their ebooks on amazon.

5. Design and Sell merchandise online for free:

You can sell your own designed t-shirts, caps, mobile cover, bags, etc online for free and can make a huge amount of money. Only you need to do is to design and upload them on these top websites:

1. Teespring

2. Merch by Amazon

3. Redbubble

There are many other merchandise selling websites. You can use online designing tools like Canva, photoshop to design cool t-shirts and make money easily. 

Here is a popular youtube video on how to design t-shirts that sell:

6. Join a web hosting affiliate program:

You can join a web hosting affiliate program by different hosting providing websites and earn a huge affiliate commission on them whenever someone buys a hosting service from your affiliate link.

Some high paying web hosting affiliate programs are: 

1. Bluehost affiliate program: Bluehost is super popular in the web hosting space. You are rewarded $65 for selling a single web hosting plan.

2. Hostinger affiliate program: Hostinger is another popular web hosting platform that can offer affiliates earning up to $150 per sale on a tiered pricing structure.

3. Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program: You can earn up to $125 per sale based on your performance slab, i.e. how many customers buy from your affiliate link in a particular period of time.

There are tons of website affiliate programs like Siteground, Hostgator, GoDaddy that you can join and start earning by promoting them. 

For promoting the web hosting affiliate programs you can create your own blogs, start a youtube channel, or promote through forums.


You are not bound to do 9 to 5 jobs to earn money. People are making a lot of money online by doing these things. Some freelancer earns up to Rs 20 lakh per annum by working from home.

If you also want to earn money online using skills you have, use one or more from the above of the best way to make passive income.

It is hard at the beginning to start, but once you will see the revenue in action, you will more motivated to do so. 

Keep going and keep earning. If you also earn from home, let us know what is your opinion and which platform do you use to make passive income.

Thanks for reading this post.

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