What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic maths is the World’s Fastest rapidly mental algebraic mathematics system. 

It was developed in India by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha between 1911 and 1918 and is still used today to calculate numbers rapidly.


So, let's clear all the doubts regarding Vedic mathematics.

Introduction to Vedic Maths?

Vedic Mathematics is a package of Techniques/Sutras to decipher mathematical arithmetics simply and quickly. 

It includes 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be utilized for dilemmas involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics.

How Vedic Mathematics is Beneficial?

Vedic Mathematics can solve mathematical numerical calculations more quickly. 

Few Vedic Math Scholars spoke of that Using Vedic Maths gimmicks you can do calculations 10-15 times quicker than our conventional techniques. 

I decide with this to some importance because some strategies in Vedic Mathematics are truly very fast. 

But some of these methods are dangling on the particular numbers which are to be calculated. They are called specific methods.

The Use of Vedic Mathematics

Additionally more than 1700% times instantly than regular Math: this gives rise to it the World’s Fastest.

1. Eradicates suspicion of Math. So If your child has Math-Phobia High-Speed Vedic Maths could also be a Fun-Filled way to because of doing Math and occurs curiosity in your child.

2. Much Improved Academic Performance in School and Instant Outcomes. Just glimpse the first exercise and speculate it for yourself. 

Go over the examples given in the blog you would be stunned.

3. Smoothes your sense, boosts mental skill, and intelligence.

4. Increases your velocity and precision. Become a Mental Calculator yourself.

5. Improves memory and upgrades self-confidence.

6. Cultivates an Interest in your for numbers.

7. Develops your left and right sides of your brain hence using reasoning and innovation. It has been noted that Geniuses have been utilizing the good side of the brain to accomplish extraordinary results.

8. Easy to champion and pertain. You barely need the understanding of tables to memorize this.

Does learning Vedic Maths help in academics?

Vedic Math benefits kids who understand maths with a new strategy. 

It helps sharpen the brain, strengthens achievement in class, and supports in competitive exams.

The kid doesn’t enjoy maths. Will Vedic maths for kids can change it?

Kids find Vedic maths a stimulating process and fun to know as they use easy steps to solve complicated difficulties strengthening their enthusiasm.

Does Vedic maths interfere with academic studies?

No, Vedic maths does not infringe on academic studies. It prepares students mentally strong and gives them modern approaches to solving problems. 

Regardless, we indicate that students depict all steps down while solving maths difficulties at school and not approve the short-cuts of Vedic maths. 

We recommend that learners use Vedic maths to analyze the correctness of their outcome.

How is Vedic Maths different from Abacus?

Most people are confused between Abacus and Vedic Maths and tend to believe that these two methods are similar. 

Vedic maths is unique from Abacus. There are many differences:

1. The main conflict is that Vedic maths is inclusive and is pertained to numerous departments of maths, while Abacus may be a neater arithmetic strategy

Vedic maths, unlike Abacus, can be utilized for progressive maths like simultaneous equations, algebra, calculus, etc.

2. An additional discrepancy is that Abacus can be started first when children are 4 years old; while Vedic maths is typically useful for early kids who are in class 5 or higher.

3. Vedic maths can be learned and utilized by people across all generations, while Abacus is less acceptable to be useful for those older than 12 years.

4. Also, for Abacus, children begin by utilizing a tool; whereas Vedic Maths is accomplished entirely mentally.

5. Children could begin at an early age by learning Abacus and shift onto learning Vedic Maths.

We keep hearing about 16 sutras in Vedic Maths. What are these sutras?

1. By one more than the one before

2. All from 9 and thus the last from 10

3. Vertically and CrossWise

4. Transpose and Apply

5. The summation if capable Zero

6. If One is in Ratio the other is Zero

7. By Addition and by Subtraction

8. By the Completion or Non-Completion

9. Sequential Motion

10. The Deficiency

11. Whole as One and One as Whole

12. The Remainders by the Last Digit

13. The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate

14. By One Less than the Previous One

15. The Whole Product is that an equivalent 

16. Collectivity of multipliers

The Basic Course of Vedic Math Academy wraps numerous of these 16 sutras. The Advanced Lessons synthesize these sutras and formulate the understanding holistically.

1. Multiplication Techniques/Shortcuts Using Vedic Mathematics

Using Vedic Maths Tricks you can multiply 962 and 998 in mind in a couple of seconds.

2. Evaluating Squares in Vedic Mathematics

How much duration will you be taking to calculate the square of 1221? Using Dvanda Yoga of Vedic Mathematics, it is just 2 step answer

3. Calculating Squares Roots in Vedic Mathematics

How would you calculate Square Root of 20736.893?? Using Vedic Mathematics its 4 step technique.

Importance of Vedic Maths:

As can be summarized Vedic Mathematics has enormous significance if you are preparing for competitive exams, then you will know the significance of calculation, and then doing Vedic calculation is high-level help.

Ok, immediately let us examine its importance pointwise.

1. Enhance your Brain.

2. Time management in exams.

3. Memory Enhancement.

4. Soft skill-building.

5. Reasoning improvement.

6. It increases speed 

7. Improves accuracy.

8. It provides a more systematic, simplified, unified & faster way of solving problems.

9. It develops the Left & Right Sides of the brains.

This is the usefulness of Vedic Maths and now let us examine the practice methods generally to be realistic. 

How to learn Vedic maths?

There are several Vedic math courses to join.

You can go youtube for Vedic Maths Classes on this or read some tremendous books which I have listed below.

Vedic Maths best books:

Here are some Best Vedic maths books that you can read and be as fast as you think.

1. Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae From the Vedas

This edition was written by Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja of Govardhana Matha, Puri. 

It contracts with Vedic mathematical formulas and their applications and assists you in performing them mentally.


1. Application-based solutions

2. 16 crucial Mathematical Formulae

3. arithmetical systems are explained lucidly by Jagadguru.

4. Illustrative remarks are given for the first few chapters.

5. Beneficial in every exam.

2. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

This is an amazing book by Dhaval Bathia that will encourage you to befriend numbers.

This book explains many beautiful methods and practicing topics which will give in-depth advice.

The book is allocated into three parts – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, and will support all students who are aiming to achieve more.


1. Include practice exercise after every chapter.

2. Boost guide to all concepts.

3. Filled with charts and graphical designs.

4. Straightforward to read and to understand

5. Methods clarified are simple to use and memorize.

3. Maths Sutra

Maths Sutra by Gaurav Tekriwal is established on sixteen Vedic sutras.  

This book will assist you to solve easy arithmetic to algebra, algorithms, square roots, cube roots, trigonometry, and numerous more mathematical theories.


1. Accomplishes with easy methodology.

2. Support you to solve tricky questions.

3. Consist of strategy exercises.

4. Valuable hand for Competitive Exam.

4. How to Be a Math Magician

How to Be a Math Magician is a book by renowned maths lecturers Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal.

It is a double-sided book with one category comprising tricks and interesting activities, and the additional facilitating problem-solving efforts to simplify calculations, bizarre maths facts, and vastly more.


1. Maintain a fun and easy-to-learn strategy.

2. Will bring you to fall in love with digits.

3. Demystify mathematical beliefs.

4. Step by step calculation simplification.

5. Useful for every competitive Exam.

5. The Power of Vedic Maths

The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta clarifies the strategies in an easy language and in a very fascinating way.

This book has been composed using a step-by-step technique and endeavors to fill the existing gap. It contains various solved crises.


1. Comprise of 1000 practice problems with answers.

2. Involves a special chapter that indicates the application of the strategies to problems set in competitive exams.

3. Competitive founded approach.

4. Step-by-step explanations.

6. Maths Sutras From Around The World

Maths Sutras From Around The World by Gaurav Tekriwal encourages you to learn and better Maths. 

This boosts you to triumph the secret know-hows and accomplish exceptional results.


1. Analyzes maths theories and policies.

2. Appears with numerous outstanding mysteries.

3. There are mixed activity sheets in these books.

4. Helps you in practice for the competitive exam.


That's all. We hope that we covered all the points you are liking for.

It will help you to crack your exams, improve your thinking and calculation capabilities, and solve mathematical tasks easily.