CMI is one of the best institutions in India to learn Mathematics and computer science. In 2018, CMI started a course in Data Science named as CMI MSc data science. 

CMI offers a unique environment to learn from leading researchers and faculties in the fields of computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

The M.Sc. in Data Science program offers an opportunity to study state-of-the-art syllabus from experts in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

According to the CMI official brochure, the CMI MSc data Science program is suitable for graduates as well as for mid-career professionals who want to shift to the data science industry. 

Students can benefit from ongoing collaborations between faculty and industry. 

The deep scientific insight gained from such an environment will make students stand out at their future workplace and enable them to make meaningful contributions to their chosen field of work.

It is to be noted that from the same year CMI dropped a course which was earlier running under the name MSc Application Of Mathematics.

Click here for the MSc Data Science Preparation strategy.

Eligibility of CMI MSc Data Science:

All three/four-year courses having subjects mathematics or statistics or computer science are eligible.

It is to be noted that all engineering streams are also eligible for the same.

Why This Course is Popular:

1. It's one of course in India which offers a specialization in Data Science. 

Since it was already attracting a large number of companies for it's earlier courses and hence for this course too.

Each year number applicants applying for CMI MSc data science are growing.

2. Students from different backgrounds come to CMI to study data science courses. Since the competition in the entrance is tough, very bright students form their respective fields can qualify CMI, thus making a learning environment.

3. Recently they posted about some companies which offered an internship this year. These companies are Temenos, Coriolis, Morgan Stanley, skylark drones, Teradata, etc.

So it is clear that the program is very nice and from the very first year, they are doing well in terms of job opportunities. 

How to prepare for CMI MSc Data science:

So, let's talk about the entrance exam and preparation strategy.

The exam is completely based on school level mathematics, statistics, and basic computer programming.

Here is the detailed syllabus

Since I have qualified this exam year, the fact is that they also ask some reasoning questions. 

You should refer to previous years’ questions paper for preparation.

The previous year’s question is very important and you will get questions of the same difficulty level in the exam too. So, don't forget to solve them on your own as much as possible. You can get the previous year’s question here.

Number of seats:

In the year 2018, they had selected 40 candidates and out of which 28 took admission. 

In the year 2019, they have selected 67 candidates.

So, there is no fixed number of seats, one who clears the cutoff can get it. CMI doesn’t release the score during results. 

A score above 65%+ should be enough for qualifying this exam. However, it may vary based on the difficulty of the paper.

Hostel Facility:

You must know that there are no hostels for the data science students. So, after clearing entrances you have to arrange your accommodation on your own.

However, I recently came to know that girls’ students are given hostels based on availability.

Fee Structure:

The course fee is 2,00,000 per semester. Including all expenses of hostels, food, and laptop, CMI provided an initial total cost estimate of 11,00,000 approx when they sent the fee structure for my admission.

You can also apply for the fee waiver. Since I applied for the fee waiver, they reduced my fee from 2,00,000 per semester to 1,25,000. 

They can reduce more based on anyone’s financial background. You don’t need to worry much about the fee details.

The overall course structure is best and completely on par with the industry.

It is worth joining for students who wish to pursue the carrier in the data science field.


CMI MSc data science course is becoming very popular. Students who are interested in Data Science, Machine learning, and artificial intelligence must go for this course. 

Comment to let us know if you have any suggestions and questions.

Thanks for reading this post.



Pranay garoo

How many people gave the entrance test this year??



Hi Pranay, According to my assumptions about 5k students must have sat for exam at most



Is statistics necessary for it?


Nitin mukesh

Not too much but as far as I remember, question from probability and normal distribution is asked.


Radhika suresh nimse

Is it possible to get complete fee waiver



Is there interview for the admission?



1. No interview is there. Only entrance test. 2. You may get complete fee waiver depending on your family income and background. I have decent family background and I was not hoping any fee waiver but got 75,000 off per semester. 3. Also there is hostel facility for girls not boys.


If hostel facilities are not available then where the students will live? Does the fees cover the accommodation charge either at hostel or outside campus?



Students take accommodation outside the campus on their own expanses. CMI is not responsible for this and the fee structure is only for academic nothing else.



What’s the scope for higher studies after pursuing this course? Since it’s an applied course and not from the pure sciences.



Hi Diya, First of all job opportunities are excellent for this course. Since it is a regular course not some certificate course, you are eligible for doing PhD in areas of computer science, data science or machine learning. Keep in mind it's a regular MSc course.



Guys open this link to join whatsApp group for MSc data science prepration @ CMI:






CMI msc data science prepration strategies



Hello , I have done my bachelor's in chemical engineering, well I'm in final year. Am I eligible for the exam? I have a good hold on mathematics , I want to change my field from chemical engineering to others such as Data science, can you please tell me if I prepare maths and a lil bit programming , what are the other exams I can target with these range of preparation? Thanks in advance



Hey Rahul, yes you are eligible. You can also enter for ISI MS QMS which is also mainly oriented to data science with awesome placement. they only ask maths in entrance. You may also appear for IIITM KERLA, MSc data analytics.



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