Should attendance be optional for college students?

Should attendance be optional for college students? There is a 75% attendance bar in most of the colleges. How is it affecting the student’s performance, creativity, and productivity?

MSc Data Science courses in India after Graduation

Read about MSc data science courses in India after graduation. You can join these top msc data science course even after BSc too.

How to prepare for CMI MSc data science entrance exam?

CMI form has been released and many of you must have been preparing for MSc data science program at CMI. In this post, I will be briefing about how to prepare for MSc data science exams.

How to prepare for ISI MS QMS?

ISI exam is sought among students for high-quality education, job opportunities, and research opportunities in India. Here is a brief overview of how anyone can start preparing for the ISI exam?

What is ISI MS QMS?

The master programs in ISI have close to a 100% placement record. Most of the students of the Institute get employment offers or admission to some Ph.D. programs even before they complete the degree,

NIT Trichy MSc Computer Science

NIT Trichy MSc Computer Science course is unique in its own in most of the ways. In recent years, students from MSc Computer Science, NIT Trichy have been placed in MNCs at good packages.

What is CMI MSc Data Science Course?

CMI is one of the best institutions in India to learn Mathematics and computer science. In 2018, CMI started a course in Data Science named as CMI MSc data science.