How to [actually] keep yourself happy and motivated?

How to [actually] keep yourself happy and motivated? Read about scientific study on how to keep yourself happy always.

How acceptance can change everything?

how acceptance can change everything, and help you move on in your life and live a happy life. learn how to accept and move on.

Speed Reading: How to read faster?

Speed reading is real. Many people have improved their reading speed. Many speed reading courses are also there. Read about how to read faster?

Best personal development courses on udemy

The actually best and top rated personal development courses on udemy will help you to be the best version of yourself.

Can music help you in study and improve memory

Music can help you in study and improving your memory. Research has confirmed this. Many top students and businessman use music for improve their thinking process and achieve best results in life.

Learn to say no without explaining yourself (working tips)

Learning to say no to others or learn to say no without feeling guilty. We often get caught in others work and waste a lot of time. Learning to say no to others or other ways to say no.

Why do I need a nap everyday?

Why do I need a nap everyday. Nap is beneficial to a student or an employee. But how long is power nap, power nap lenght, after noon sleep are all important. Also read about best time for power nap.

Best apps to actually organize your study

Download best study apps to organize your study, these apps will help you track down your time and organize your study carefully.

Why is attendance important in College?

Students asks why is attendance important in college? Why should I go to school daily? Read about the benefits of going to school daily.

Study secrets of smart students

Read the best study secrets of smart students and be the best student in college by being motivated for study. Read about how to focus on study and create your study space.

Self Discipline Tips for Students

Self Discipline Tips for students are mostly sought by students. Self Discipline allows us to take control over our time. Some best Self discipline quotes, self discipline tips, self discipline books

Best motivational books for students in India

Best motivational books for students in India. Indian students should read these books and do best in their academic to achieve high marks.

How to get out of your comfort zone in college?

The time when everything goes wrong, you are still learning and preparing for your future. We are not identified by our successes, but we are identified by quality of failure before we get success.

37 motivational quotes for students to study hard

40 motivational Quotes for student, motivational quotes for upsc, motivation quotes images, motivational quotes for girls.

How to stop wasting time and study?

If you are searching for suggestions on how to stop wasting time, this article will show you how it can be accomplished so that you can get the important stuff done.

How to study effectively for exams?

How to study effectively for exams? Exam stress is common during preparation days. Some common reasons for this anxiety include low motivation levels, lack of planning, health issues, peer pressure.

How to crack any competitive exam?

How to crack any competitive exam in less time and effectively? These time management and strategy making tips will help you to crack any entrance exams you are preparing for.

Pomodoro Technique: How to study a lot in a short time

Many students ask me about how I prepare for the entrance exam while focusing on my regular college study? The answer is simple: I used my time effectively. One may ask now, how to manage time ?

How helping others benefits you?

Helping others surely benefits you and make you feel happy and calm. Helping others is a nice practice to make yourself useful for society.

How to deal with failure in exams?

Everyone fails at some point of life but that's not an end. That's where we learn about our own mistakes and glitch. Keep learning.